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What the book's about

When he isn't responsible for pleasing tens and millions of online readers a month, Elite Daily managing editor Greg Dybec worries about rent, sex, love, family, and - the most millennial topic of them all - a desire to leave a legacy. 

In The Art of Living Other People's Lives, Greg delivers a funny, brash, and insightful collection of stories on becoming a pick-up artist to get over an ex-girlfriend, late night adventures with his Uber drivers, a writing gig about men's underwear, and so much more. 

Whether he's learning to hashtag from his tech-savvy mom, pestering Mark Cuban for life advice, or eavesdropping on strangers for story ideas, Greg takes readers on a hilariously neurotic and self-analytical journey that explores the struggle of balancing his plugged-in persona with his real-world self. Along the way, he - and you -might discover that life is a whole lot simpler online. 

What people are saying

Greg Dybec is the (much) younger, quirky, neurotic, funny little brother I never had. The Art of Living Other People’s Lives is a terrific collection of relatable, hilarious stories.
— Jen Mann, New York Times bestselling author of People I Want to Punch in the Throat
This book made me realize how boring my own life is. I loved every second of reading it.
— Joe Santagato, entertainer
Reading Greg Dybec’s absorbing essays is like having drinks with your funny, curious best friend, trading stories ‘til last call. He’s a spelunker into the human condition, a smart and soulful observer of the world. This book puts a smile on your face!
— Davy Rothbart, author of My Heart Is an Idiot, creator of FOUND Magazine, and contributor to This American Life
If somebody asked me to suggest one single book of hilarious and heartfelt essays that sum up the constant existential crisis that is being a millennial, I’d have a hard time finding a better pick than Greg Dybec’s The Art of Living Other People’s Lives.
— Jason Diamond, author of Searching for John Hughes